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Securit - Liquid chalk marker


  • It can be used on all KalaMitica magnetic boards

    • medium 2-6 mm nib
    • easy to use: simply shake, press the nib, write and allow to dry for a couple af minutes
    • non-toxic, non-smudging (when dry), resitant to fading and staining
    • clean with water or Securit Spray Cleaner
    • warning: not appropriate for children under the age of 6 years

    Tested on KalaMitica blackboards

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3,50 €

It can also be used on plastic and glass surfaces. Unlock your creativity: create professional designs, advertising signs, artistic creations. Personalize your home environment and your workplace; it is not necessary to write on a blackboard: our markers can easily write on everything you want, such as windows, refrigerators, wine glasses, terracotta pots, jars for preserves, mirrors, ceramic jars and cups, plastic jars and containers. Ideal for writing on plastic refrigerator containers, specifying their contents. Made in Japan