Prezzi ridotti! Boule Magnetica Ø 14 cm Ingrandisci



  • Magnetic container - Boule

  • External dimensions: 15,8 x 14,4 cm.

  • Internal dimensions: 15 x 14 cm.

  • Maximum load capacity on KalaMitica's chalkboards: 1500 g.

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Boule: grace and strength combined into a sinuous and enveloping form.

The Boule can accept and support flowers pots, bottles with ice and any other type of objects, it carries up to 1.5 kg (on KalaMitica supports) thanks to the new removable magnet. 
The Boule has a powerful magnet placed on the back of the pot that can be easily removed thanks to a simple sliding and extraction system. The Boule is dishwasher-safe (please remember to remove the magnet before introducing it into the dishwasher).
Play with combinations of sizes and colors, detach and reattach the Boule on any metal surface, or use our metal chalkboards or frames.

Elegance, originality and design: start playing with your pots! Attach them on every metallic surface and give an incredible freshness to your home.
Apply them on our metallic chalboards or on our KalaMitica frames and make a perfect combination!

Dimension15.8 x 14.4 cm
Internal diameterØ 14.4 cm
Volume1.5 L
Max load (on KalaMitica's metallic board)1500 g
MaterialABS resin with a neodymium magnet