Lavagna Magnetica con Tillandsia - Tema Verde Ingrandisci

Magnetic Board with Tillandsia- Green



A nice transparent gift-box with:

  • a metal plate in charcoal painted steel

  • natural wooden plinth

  • a 3.5 cms small magnetic plant pot - emerald green colour

  • a 3.5 cms small magnetic plant pot - lime green colour

  • two alive AIR PLANTS - plants in the picture may vary if not available.

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Even if you can find Tillandsia in several climate zone, their qualities are still ignored by most. Tillandsia live without soil: they absorb water through their leaves. They can decorate any room, you just need to put them in a KalaMitica pot and take them out whenever you want.

They are strong and live incredibly long: once every ten/fifteen days, sink them into tap water or water them for 15 seconds. You don't need to dry them: they will absorb excess water. Just make sure there's no stagnant water in the pot.

They need to be placed in a high-light area, away from direct sunlight, heat sources and air-conditioning.