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Magnetic Cube 3,5 cm with Tillandsia Velutina Expand

Magnetic Cube 3,5 cm with Tillandsia Velutina


Tillandsia and KalaMitica magnetic cube: your green goes everywhere!
Tillandsia Velutina is characterized by long and thick leaves, covered in fine grey hair and forming a dense rosette. If it is well cared for, during bloom, fuchsia and bright orange flowers will blossom.

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Even if you can find Tillandsia in several climate zone, their qualities are still ignored by most. Tillandsia live without soil: they absorb water through their leaves. They can decorate any room, you just need to put them in a KalaMitica pot and take them out whenever you want.

They are strong and live incredibly long: once every ten/fifteen days, sink them into tap water or water them for 15 seconds. You don't need to dry them: they will absorb excess water. Just make sure there's no stagnant water in the pot.

They need to be placed in a high-light area, away from direct sunlight, heat sources and air-conditioning.

Tillandsia, since they are living being, might be slightly different from the ones you see in our pictures. However, their high quality is guaranteed and they will surely decorate your rooms beautifully.