Base in Legno per Lavagna 20X20X4 cm Ingrandisci




Wooden plinth for KalaMitica metal plates:

The wooden plinth 20x20cm is the ideal accessory for many KalaMitica plates.

10,00 €

Dimension20x20x4 cm

Even though the plates were initially supposed to be hung to the wall, thanks to this wooden base they can also be placed on a flat surface.

You just have to insert the plate into the wooden gap and it will be ready to hang magnets and KalaMitica pots on it.
This plinth is suitable for the following plates: 56x38 (rectangular and fun shape), 28x55 (rectangular and fun shape), 33x33 (square and “apple” fun shape)
It is not suitable for plates of different dimensions or for fun shape plates 33x33 with word.

KalaMitica accessories are designed to bring your ideas to life and to maximise KalaMitica pots' versatility.

These accessories are easy to use and can renovate your home décor with a few simple moves.

Play with lights and colours, arrange and create, enjoy your compositions with your family and friends: you'll be surprised by the result!

Mi è piaciuto e lo consiglierei ad altri

Utile accessorio per utilizzare la lavagna da entrambi i lati

È perfetto per chiunque non abbia la possibilità di appendere la lavagna alla parete, decisamente elegante.

The groove for the board could have been a bit deeper. But it is doing its job just right.

très bon produit, très bien emballé

Beau bois et assez lourd pour maintenir le chat

Pratica da usare se non si ha spazio alle pareti... perfetta per la calamita a forma di gatto


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