Bring the KalaMitica style in you rooms with a blackboard created just for you!
It is a new trend in the field of interior design: a blackboard which is used not only to write on it, but also as a fully equipped wall. With the steel slabs it is possible to furnish and decorate every room without using too much space, but rather, in a functional and practical way, creating more space. Easy to install, easy to clean and customizable!
Rectangular metal blackboard fixed to the wall behind the shelf and made with a personalized colour.
The same blackboard can be found in a "green" version: as a support for magnetic pots with aromatic plants.
Everything at the chef's reach!
Writable blackboard with chalks and liquid chalks easily washable!

Original solution for the splashback panel in the kitchen area.

The customer had the desire to optimize the space in the kitchen making it functional.
The custom-made blackboard therefore has the function of splashback panel of the kitchen and is also a surface on which to annotate, draw and arrange the spices with magnetic containers to have them always ready to use.

Some silver-colored blackboards decorate the office wall.


For the INVICTUS rehabilitation center, various customized blackboards were created with the laser engraving of the logo.

A particular effect was obtained by applying the color of the logo to the wall on which the blackboards were fixed.
Some details of the waiting room, the gym and the Invictus Academy room, where green, equipped and writable walls were created.