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Here you go the first shelf of KalaMitica!
Another product with innovative design and 100% made in

Product features:
• 3 mm plied steel shelf
• max width 36 cm
• height 23cm
• dept of the shelf 12 cm
• maximum payload guaranteed 2,50 kg
•  supports of the shelf are 2 magnetic cubes of 6,5 cm in ABS resin.
All is delivered in a nice gift box.

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Its name? The Note!! Like a musical note, it will bring harmony in all your spaces!
The aim? Increase the already wide range of magnetic items for our Magnetic Boards.
TheNote is sustained by 2 of our standard cubes of 6 cm 
The colours we have chosen are in accordance with the colour of the shelf, but you will easily personalize them buying other colours separately.
Our tests results have given a maximum load on the shelf of 2,5 kg, if hanged on our boards.

Material Acero, recubrimiento en polvo epoxi pigmentado
Peso 1,20 Kg
Carga (sobre el soporte metálico de un espesor de 1,2 mm) 2500g

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