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  • Washbasin Kit
    Washbasin - Bathroom Kit

    In the morning you cannot spend a lot of time in the bathroom because you are always in a hurry. You would like to look wonderful but you lose time looking for your make up, brush, creams and hair spray. If you place everything on the wall close to the mirror you will not waste time any more and it will be easier to get ready.

    50,00 €
  • 5 o'clock Tea Kit
    5 o'clock Tea - Kitchen Kit

    If you want to invite your friends for a traditional English tea you can organise the tea set in advance by attaching everything you need vertically: a wide range of tea and infusions, brown sugar, honey and some biscuits to make this moment relaxing and enjoyable.

    53,00 €
  • Desk Kit
    Desk - Bedroom Kit

    Children's rooms are always a mess. The desk lies under a lot of books, pens, folders and there is no more space to write or draw. Put everything vertically and remember your children that order is important to work and study properly. 

    54,00 €
  • Garden - Outdoor Kit
    Garden - Outdoor Kit

    KalaMitica has been initially thought up as plant pot but it has now turned to be also a useful decor accessory for the whole house. It is nice and useful to have all you gardening tools right at hand on the balcony. Plants can be easily hung vertically to enjoy the sunlight and to be watered before you put them inside to decorate your rooms. Make your...

    55,50 €
  • Cooker - Kitchen Kit
    Cooker - Kitchen Kit

    Could you imagine cooking your favourite dish with all the tools you need right at hand? Nothing will disappear into the drawers anymore: pot holders, ladles, scissors, timer, grater, small colander. Everything you need will be easy to reach and it will help you to prepare your dish. Just enjoy your meal!

    55,50 €
  • Girl Kit
    Girl - Bedroom Kit

    Daughters' rooms look romantic, colorful and rich in beauty: nakelaces, rings, elastic bands, hair pins and perfumes….Let's collect everything in lovely pots or use shaped hangers for your accessories. Our little women will have their own lovely corner where they can learn how to take care of themselves.

    57,50 €
  • Television Kit
    Television - Living Room Kit

    The remote control is nowadays a tool of power, but everytime you need it you are not able to find it. It is either hidden in the sofa or it is in strange places where you will never look for it. Put it close to the tv set, maybe next to some chips or pop corn, which will make your evening more relaxing.

    58,00 €
  • Shower - Bathroom Kit
    Shower - Bathroom Kit

    Your evening shower is the most desired moment of the day. Take off your clothes when you get into the shower and get ready for a soft hug when you get out. Take care of yourself without spending much time and energy.

    58,50 €
  • Bedroom Kit
    Dresser - Bedroom Kit

    Before you go to bed, get rid of thoughts and objects you have used during the day; leave some space on your night table for the book which will make you dream. Only the night will watch over your rest.

    59,50 €
  • Pappa - Outdoor Kit
    Pappa - Outdoor Kit

    Nowadays pets are real members of a family. They are friends, creatures to take care of which share our own feelings. It is nice to create a clean raised corner for them and to use pots which can be washed in the dishwasher.

    61,90 €
  • Ufficio - Cofee Break Kit
    Coffee Break- Office Kit

    The coffee break is a must in every office. You can make it perfect thanks to a good espresso, but also thanks to brown sugar or cream which make it tastier. Everything is always right at hand. Make your own kit: choose the colour of each pot.

    62,00 €
  • Table - Kitchen Kit
    Table - Kitchen Kit

    When you have a meal at home you always miss bottle opener, napkins, seasonig accessories, toothpicks on your table and so you have to stand up to pick them, don't you? Now you can organize everything vertically so that it will be easier to have whatever you need close to you.

    62,90 €
  • Office - Agenda Kit
    Office - Agenda Kit

    Your desk is full of pieces of paper, messages and a lot of other objects. Now you can do everything by using a phone or a computer. Then prepare a vertical space in front of you: you can hang everything you need and move it whenever you want. Your work surface will be empty and ready for you to be creative without wasting time and concentration. Make...

    63,50 €
  • Party - Outdoor Kit
    Party - Outdoor Kit

    Party time! This is the kit for your colorful and cheerful outdoor parties. Make your balcony or terrace bright; share unforgettable moments with your friends in a cozy space. Make your own kit: choose the colour of each pot.

    64,00 €
  • Pets - Outdoor Kit
    Pets - Outdoor Kit

    It is time to go out!!! Leash, small coat and bags are ready. Let's go! Also our 4-leg friend has its belongings close to the door. Create a corner for your little pet and give it the importance it needs. Make your own kit: choose the colour of each pot.

    64,50 €
  • Cuisine Kit
    Cuisine - Kitchen Kit

    Fresh ingredients and right quantities are the most important things to prepare a lovely meal. Attach everything in front of your hob and when you finish wash the pots in the dishwasher. They will be ready to store the ingredients for the next recipe.

    69,90 €
  • Wellness - Bathroom Kit
    Out of stock
    Wellness - Bathroom Kit

    Nothing better than having a space in your spa which will relax all your senses: an exciting essence, a soft candle, a good massage and sensual music. Make your own kit: choose the colour of each pot.

    73,50 €
  • Herbes Kit
    Herbes - Kitchen Kit

    The mediterranean diet is based on a lot of spices which add flavour and aroma to the food without making it heavier. Therefore spices cannot miss in your kitchen and you have to place them in the right spot. They will also make the room more colorful and elegant.

    90,05 €
  • Elegance Kit
    Elegance - Living Room Kit

    It is always nice to have lovely accessories to decorate your "nest". A flower from your lover, a scent for the house. Create your own composition in a corner, make it colorful and change it everytime you want.

    90,50 €

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