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For anyone who loves plants and flowers, there is nothing like the pleasure or satisfaction of watching them grow from seed. Kit Semina is a complete plant germinating kit that produces guaranteed results. Now you can germinate your favourite plants easily – and just like a professional nursery but in your home in a simple, clean and entertaining way.

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It is possible to grow aromatic herbs, flowering plants and vegetables that then can be moved to the terrace or the garden.

Suitable fort he kids, it bringst hem closer tot he plants world in a recreational and instructive way.

The Kit includeseverything you need:  the perfect soil for the seeds to sprout, so no more messy pouring from a giant bag;  a measuring saucer (the packaging itself) that helps you add the exact amount of water needed; and a transparent cover to protect the seedling from cold, and hold in the heat and humidity it needs, just  like a mini greenhouse.

The Kit Semina is composed by a small greenhouse, cells-tray with soil, seeds, one plant marker and the instructions to seed.

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