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The cube-shaped container, with 3 different sizes, has multiple uses, starting from the simple decorative element, to specific functions according to the metal mask associated.

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  • Magnetic Cube Ø 3,5 CM
    Magnetic Cube Ø 3,5 CM

    KalaMitica magnetic cube: adaptable and creative. These small pots are the symbol of KalaMitica collection. Collect all your favourite colours and place in your pots any plant you like. They will give a touch of green to every room.

  • Magnetic Cube Ø 6 cm
    Magnetic Cube Ø 6 cm

    KalaMitica magnetic cube: a colourful revolution The mid-sized KalaMitica cube let you play with colours, even if you don't have much space. Fill them with your favourite plants  or with anything you like: you will create fantastic compositions.

  • Magnetic Cube Ø 9 cm
    Magnetic Cube Ø 9 cm

    KalaMitica magnetic cube: strong and innovative The large-sized cubes of KalaMitica collection are really amazing: their magnet is designed to hold up to a kilogram. Their size and their magnet's strength will help you give a vertical dimension to your plants and utensils.



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