Is this your first visit to If so you may be wondering: what's KalaMitica? We wrote this post for you, to tell you the story of this amazing product.

KalaMitica was born from the necessity to furnish vertically the environments in which we live. How we did it? We have studied and worked hard and finally we have patented a new industrial system to create a magnetic container.

The idea was born from a simple need: bring the green into our house. Rooms like kitchen, bathroom, children's room and office didn’t have enough horizontal space and plants that purify the air of harmful substances (Link) could not find a suitable space. Hence the idea to revolutionize the furniture finding new vertical space.

This idea is completely Italian. The design study and all the production process, each element draws on the tradition of Made in Italy giving a particular space to design.

Here, you can discover KalaMitica concept, containers, media, and accessories that leave space to your desire to decorate walls with creativity to the vertical.