Genuine innovation, Made in Italy and a rich history 

Sgaravatti is an innovative, dynamic home and garden décor company based in the Veneto region of north-east Italy. We have a long history.   Following more than two centuries of international success in the nursery and floriculture sector, in 2004 Sgaravatti turned its attention to the humble flower pot and plant/garden accessories.   The challenge was to create a range of unique, world-first products that would champion ‘made in Italy’ design and quality, and appeal to plant lovers everywhere.  Sgaravatti Trend was born.   Design and innovation are at the heart of our company. We are constantly exploring new ideas and developing products that customers tell us they really like.  Our product development team combines a strong appreciation for nature with keen design talent and the result is products that are growing in popularity world-wide. Nature lovers at heart, our 100% Made in Italy range all aim to highlight the beauty of plants while respecting the environment.

Then KalaMitica followed. A world first and truly unique, this Magnetic Pot continues to be the best reflection yet of Sgaravatti Trend values of innovation, style and quality. With a patented design, and 100% production here in Italy, KalaMitica is enjoying great success, selling in more than fifteen countries so far.  KalaMitica magnetic plant pots, with our wall frames cleverly add the vertical dimension to arranging flowers and greenery in the home. Why have pots and vases taking up room on furniture and working tops, when integrated magnets mean you can hang them on the wall? Genius, even though we say it ourselves!

And what’s next? We are working on more genuine innovations to complement your home and garden, so watch this space.

Is this your first visit to If so you may be wondering: what's KalaMitica? We wrote this post for you, to tell you the story of this amazing product.

KalaMitica was born from the necessity to furnish vertically the environments in which we live. How we did it? We have studied and worked hard and finally we have patented a new industrial system to create a magnetic container.

The idea was born from a simple need: bring the green into our house. Rooms like kitchen, bathroom, children's room and office didn’t have enough horizontal space and plants that purify the air of harmful substances (Link) could not find a suitable space. Hence the idea to revolutionize the furniture finding new vertical space.

This idea is completely Italian. The design study and all the production process, each element draws on the tradition of Made in Italy giving a particular space to design.

Here, you can discover KalaMitica concept, containers, media, and accessories that leave space to your desire to decorate walls with creativity to the vertical.


What's KalaMitica? Find it out in this video!